" More than Great Music comes out of Nashville."

   Eyewear Assembled and Crafted in Nashville, TN.

   ABOUT  US   

We are American Eyewear

Crafted in Nashville, Tennessee,

We design and manufacture several brands  to ensure a perfect fit for your unique style. 

Madison Montgomery, our designer women’s line that is designed for todays strong Independent  women.

AMERICAN DREAM, designed to be fashion on trend and stylish  for the American consumer.

VALOR  Crafted in Nashville for the true American Patriot, affordable and beautiful.

Check back often,  new styles and colors are constantly being added to our current brands

    OUR BRANDS    

Women's Collection

designed by our very own

Madison Montgomery.

American Eyewear LLC

217 Willow St

Nashville, TN 37210

P: 615-891-2558

 F: 615-891-2691 

American Eyewear, LLC © 2017. 

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