About Us

Born in Nashville to Service the American Lifestyle.

    We started this company for two reasons. One is to create the best frame possible for any given price point. The second is to create American JOBS. To achieve these goals, we created four different levels of production for our frames so that our clients are provided for at any price level. Our diversified production methods for products across the market provide jobs for Americans through our company, our current clients, and across the eyewear industry.


    When we started American Eyewear we reached out to friends in the eyewear industry around the world. Our mentors in Europe taught us that most European companies specialize in specific eyewear components so they can achieve the highest level of quality. The manufacturers bring together these components to craft the high level or craft and design in frames we are accustomed to in France and Italy. We use these same methods to craft high quality frames here in the U.S.


    Design starts with hand drawings to render the concept of each individual frame. Cutouts are used to sort and tweak concepts for various face shapes. 3-D graphic designs using computer software programs develop the blueprints to start production.

American Eyewear LLC

4556 Harding Pike

Nashville, TN 37205

P: 615-891-2558

 F: 615-891-2691 


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